Shopping with a clean conscience

OONA Studio is a small product design workshop focused on creating functional and sustainable pieces of design for the environmentally conscious consumer. We are committed to using the highest quality, natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials as well as integrating as much recycled / recyclable materials as possible in all our products in an ongoing effort to raise awareness on the impact our consumption habits have on the environment as well as to offer an alternative to the non-sustainable consumption of resources.

Our products are handcrafted locally, either in our own workshop or in collaboration with small family-owned businesses while the main materials we use are made in the EU, which means they meet strict European fair-trade and wage-regulation standards.

Read more about the main materials we use and why they make great environmentally friendly alternatives here.

Environmental sustainability with a social impact

At OONA Studio we believe in giving back to the community in ways that support environmental sustainability and minimize our carbon footprint and the negative impact our business may have on the environment, as well as empower the people to change the way they live for the better. With this idea in mind, we entered into a partnership with Trees for the Future, whereby we committed ourselves to donating for the planting of five trees with every product sold. Therefore, with every product you purchase you help provide both food and jobs for thousands of people around the globe that rely on these trees to survive. Simply put, we don't want just to plant trees, we also want to help change lives in this process.

Trees for the Future is an organisation committed to improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalising degraded lands.  Since 1989 Trees for the Future planted over 127 million trees all over the world and demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping people break out of the poverty trap while also addressing the global environment. Today, their work in East and West Africa is helping to build a world where people can leave a legacy of opportunity through sustainable practices and productive lands for future generations.