New OONA Studio concept

At the end of August 2016 I announced some really big changes that were about to happen, from the redesigning of our website to a totally new approach as regards our existing products and the introduction of new ones. So in this article I wanted to shed some light as regards the reasons behind these decisions.

Why the change?

I first started OONA Studio with an idea in mind, born from my passion for design and woodworking: create well-designed, beautifully crafted bicycle shelves. However, it was never my intention to resume my work to only one product. I've worked hard during these past couple of years, joggling between my full-time job as a tax consultant and my love for design. This was no easy task, but passion pushed me forward, led me into uncharted waters, made me learn from my mistakes and finally helped me grow as a designer. And I like to think that this evolution has reflected in the new design concept for OONA Studio that I've been working on from the beginning of 2016.

So what has actually changed?

Well, almost everything. First you may have noticed that the logo and overall brand identity received some fine tuning while the website has been redesigned from the ground up. Also, our STOCKHOLM bicycle rack received a "facelift" while the BERLIN model went through some quite significant changes and is now almost a new product. Then there's also a whole new collection, "Desk & Office", which for the moment contains a cool smartphone stand and a really functional and versatile desk organizer, but there are also some other cool stuff on the drawing board waiting to enter the prototyping stage.

Another big change I wanted to talk to you about is going on backstage and it concerns the production process which now involves a fine combination of modern technology and traditional woodworking. So the products are no longer handcrafted? Well, of course they are. All the sanding, assembling and finishing is still done by hand. Our products still incorporate very much of that human factor. But as regards bringing all the pieces to shape, we decided to go with a technology assisted, precision-cutting technique which would allow us more control over the quality of the final products. Moreover, switching to this cutting technique also actually allowed us to be more cost efficient thus making our products also more affordable as compared to our previous designs. So if you enjoyed our products so far, I believe you will love what we have prepared for you now!

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